Fulcrum, Seraphim of Balance, servant of Yves and Dominic

Fulcrum is an old Seraph originally serving Uriel. After witnissing the horror of the crusades he chose a path of enlightenment and knowledge over the path of the sword, seeking to serve Yves in the years that followed. Shortly thereafter he was granted the word of Balance and the mission to provide order in the war between Destiny and Fate.

It was this pursuit of Order that led him to be seconded to Dominic, serving as an inquisitor general amongst Dominic’s own angels to ensure that the punishment always befit the crime and never greater. Many of his peers in the crusades now sit on the Seraphim Council, and oft look upon Fulcrum with no small amount of pity yet he remains ever dutiful.

Rare for an angel, Fulcrum is rumoured to have the power and right to oppose any archangel whom oversteps their domain, even Yves himself. Although there are no actual reports or eye witnesses of this happening it is commonly believed that it was Fulcrum who protected Gabriel from Dominic rather than Yves himself. Of course, nobody has actually got an answer from Dominic on this affair and Fulcrum himself simply refers any inquiring angel to look up Balance in the dictionary.

He prefers stately vessels usually male of an elder persuasion, often taking roles in high society, often interring himself for decades at a time in one of Dominics tethers.

Fulcrum, Seraphim of Balance, servant of Yves and Dominic

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