Locate (Invenire Indidem) (Focus/1)

This ritual allows the sorcerer to trace the natural connection between two objects, letting the sorcerer find one object if he has possession of the other. How the trace manifests can vary, but it frequently appears as a rhythmic noise coming from the direction of the desired object.

The ritual can be used to locate living creatures and inanimate objects.

The range of the ritual is limited. The object the sorcerer wishes to locate must be within 10km × the check digit to get a signal. If the object exists, but is outside of this range, the sorcerer will get a single manifestation of the trace, and the ritual will then simply fade out.

The strength of the connection between the used objects affects the range. A small child’s beloved teddy bear will have a stronger connection to the child than some occasionally-used crayons. A sample of the child’s blood will be stronger still.

If the desired object has been broken into multiple parts, the ritual will trace each part, with the signal being stronger the bigger the piece is. If searching for a person, scattered fingernail clippings and the like will give a signal, but so faint most sorcerers won’t even notice it.

Objects stored in same room for extended period -1 to check digit
Objects were touching for extended period +0 to check digit
Parts of the same object +1 to check digit

The tracing effect ends the next time the sorcerer regenerate Essence, which means the following noon for most sorcerers.

Time: 15 minutes
Essence: the check digit


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