Memory Dunbar

Mercurian of Yves


Mind Hits 12
Essence 9
Soul Hits 24
Vessel Body Hits Charisma Role Status
Memory Dunbar 20 0 Doctor/4 4
Memory Dunbar 20 0 Doctor/4 4


Skill TN
Move silently 5
Fighting 7
Running 5
Skill TN
Medicine 14
Pistol 10
Savoir-Fair 12
Computers 7
Skill TN
Lying 11


  • Healing/1
  • Motion/1
  • Light/1
  • Harmony/1
  • Light/1
  • Motion/1


If it were possible to experience the “greatest hits” of human tragedy with an unfaltering metaphysical eye, a couple of truths would make themselves known. First and foremost, mankind really is born to trouble. As sure as sparks fly upward, whatever that’s supposed to mean. However you choose to interpret that, though, it’s clear that the lion’s share of human misery for their duration as a self-aware presence in this world has been self-inflicted. In those comparatively rarer instances of humanity coming into danger as a consequence of their own mortal frailty, only the most observant would recognize the presence of the celestial known as Memoria.

Memoria, or Memory as she is currently known, has spent nearly the entirety of her existence, deep in the heart of human suffering, practicing her medicine and providing merciful assistance to those mortal practitioners dealing with large scale medical emergencies well out of their depth. From the Black Death as early on as the 1400s through its various breakouts around the world into the 1700s, to Smallpox, Spanish Flu, and Tuberculosis and AIDS treatment and research in Africa, Memory has been present and assisting great medical minds toward reaching their maximum potential in finding cures and saving lives on a large scale. A tremendously talented practitioner in her own right, Memory takes great care to not directly interfere in a mortal’s destiny, but does her best to keep those promising individuals on the right path.

Most recently, she has been instructed to relocate to London. No other instruction was specified, so for the short term she’s set herself up as a physician at a free clinic, and volunteering a couple of mornings a week at a local youth shelter.

XP: 10

Memory Dunbar

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