Name Ariel Choir Seraphim Archangel Dominic of Judgement
Serves Word Distinctions
Choir attunements Seraph: May detain angels who fail to answer, resonance rolls to determine honesty are made against Perception + Celestial Forces
Elohim: The feeling of guilt (justified or not) is visible upon the face of the person.
Servitor attunements
Dissonance / Discord

What do you seek to know?


Corporeal Ethereal Celestial
2 3 4
Str Agi Int Pre MindHit Will Per SoulHit
3 5 7 7 18 8 10 32
Character Points Essence (total)
36 9
Running 30
Flying 50
Celestial Move 60

Skills & songs


Skill level TN Skill level TN Skill level TN Skill level TN
Acrobatics 2 Driving 5 Fight (Corp) 4 7 RangedWeap (type) 5
Artistry (type) 8 Electronics 1 8 Fight (Eth) 6 Running 4
Chemistry 2 Emote 9 Fight (Cel) 7 Savoir-Faire 1 8
Climbing 3 Ench (Corp) Language (type) 3 Seduction 7
Computer 3 Ench (Eth) LargeWeap (type) 0 Singing 1 11
Dancing 3 Ench (Cel) Lockpicking 4 SmallWeap (type) 5
Detect Lies 4 14 Engineering 3 Lying 8 Survival (type) 6
Dodge (Corp) 3 8 Escape 4 Medicine 3 Swimming 3
Dodge (Eth) 6 Fast-Talk 1 9 Move Silently 4 Tactics 1 8
Dodge (Cel) 9 Knowledge (law) 4 11 Musical Instr. (type) 5 Throwing 4
Tracking 8


Song Corp Eth Cel CD Bonus Numinous Corpus Corp
Attraction Acid
Charm Claws
Dreams Fangs
Entropy Feet
Form Horns
Harmony Tail
Healing Tongue
Light Wings 1
Posession XX XX
Shields 6
Thunder XX XX
Tongues 3

1: The Wings have not been used for their purpose of movement, as they are ornamental. Their only use so far has been to, ahem, “convince” those who are found to need a sudden and unshakeable belief in the existence of angels.

Resources: Vessels, Roles, Artifacts, and Servants

Vessel and Role

Vessel type Name Level Charisma Sex Appeal Body Hits Stun Death
Human male Ariel 1 0 0 9 2 3
Role Level Weight Height Hair Eyes Class/Status
Magistrate 4 80kg 1,75m Blond Brown 4




Your request for an inquiry by the Holy Inquisition has been rejected. His Excellence has found it to be a manifestly false accusation.

Your Holiness, it is with manifest certainty and after personal questioning that I can attest that this professor of theology does not know the full truth of the nature of God or divine salvation.

While His Britannic Majesty would not abstain from the prospect of direct war with the Corsican upstart, can you with reasonable certainty describe the chances of support for Britain’s cause in the French peasantry?

Content Not Found: Mariel_ murdered our _Content Not Found: Yrian, the Cherub, to keep us from tracking her and bringing her to Judgement.


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