A death of flowers

Hwrenphiels office

After searching around London for a few days, you’re approached by a homeless girl who slips a piece of paper into Ariels hands and scarpers off. The paper has an address and a time. A small crummy block of offices in the docklands.

A small pudgy woman stands in a cheap polyester suit at a table entirely too large for her. Pages scattered about across the surface haphazardly tell a story of not so much diligence as enthusiasm. Atop them all sits a large map of London printed onto A4 and stuck together with cello tape. Red circles cover half of the map in varying degrees of severity and contouration. She paces from side to side occasionally making a new mark or frowning before rearranging some of the papers.

“Come in, sit down please and make yourselves comfortable. This is complicated and quite frankly I can’t be bothered to repeat myself.” she says before glancing up, “Oh, Dominites. Great. Well, You doubly shut up. You know who I am I presume and I know what you’re meant to be so we can dispense with pleasantries. London is aflame right now with demonic activity, all over the place, I’ll lay out the situations.”

Firstly, Orchid, Cherubim of Novalis has gone missing. She’s not reported in to her tether recently, her last mission was relatively low impact. Just spreading some love and peace or whatever it is that Novalites do down by the river somewhere. It’s not terribly unusual for angels to get lost in London, especially those that are used to more…delicate environments. Still, something crooked might be involved. None of my little mice have heard anything or detected any disturbances in the symphony around her but this could be something big.

Next up we have a clear Nybbas engagement. A bunch of high end media execs are getting themselves murdered. You need to tread carefully, Broadcasting house is a tether to Nybbas so you might have to explore a little more covertly than you Dominites are used too.

We’ve detected a whole bunch of disturbances around our angelic tethers in London, the Royal Gardens especially. We haven’t been able to track down exactly what’s going on but it concerns us greatly.

Beyond that there’s just the usual. You’ve got Andrealphus stealing souls down in Soho, Malphas causing havoc in Westminster politics as usual. We hear he’s trying to start some kind of war somewhere in the middle east now. And worryingly enough, Baal seems to have withdrawn from the Greater London realm completely. His agents have simply disappeared.

The woman stops talking at this point. “Welcome to the war folks. Have fun. I’ve shit to do. This place is yours now. Feel free to do whatever you want with it, I’ll have my mice bring in any reports. Don’t worry about reporting back to me. Yes I’m in charge, No nothing you do will be news to me. Oh, don’t expect Dom to pop by like he usually does. From now on you lot are in deep cover. Don’t fuck it up.”

Hwrenphiel walks out then, leaving you to the clutter of an Ofanims office, or should we say, your office. Your own precious little base of operations. A 6 by 6 foot square with a couple chairs and a desk, and a corkboard.


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