A death of flowers


A tall lithe man sits behind a solid red oak desk. Grey hair tied cropped tight to his head shines off the bright artifical lighting of the place. The office shouts elegance in every corner, from expensive furniture to the drinks cabinet off to one side. The man gestures for you to sit in the three chairs in front of him. As you settle he begins."

I am the fulcrum. I am neither Alpha nor Omega. I am the gamma, the beta and the zeta. I am the order of balance between most heavenly Destiny and the diabolical Fate. I serve both Yves and Dominic in this affair. I am the fulcrum and you, Seraphim, Malakim and the Sorceh are the pivots in which we defeat Kronos.

I have been instructed to grant you the reward of autonomy. This is a rare honour for a group such as yourselves yet Yves assures me that you are the angels for the job, figuratively speaking. It is more unusual still for Dominic to not only suffer a witch to live, yet to include one in his plans…but who am I to question our father of judgement?

Suffice to say, I will be watching. And I will be waiting. These next months are foretold to be a great and terrible affair and you are the tools that have been chosen. Do not disappoint us.

Your task is simple. Prevent the apocolypse. 2012 is not the end of days despite what some might say but it might be AN end. Discover what the demons are planning. Stop them. Our eyes are blind in London. Our agents routinely removed from play, vessels destroyed, spirits sundered and broken. Our tethers are besieged covertly and Baal moves across Europe seeding revolution. A storm is coming. Speak to Hwrenphiel, Ofanim of Dominic for details concerning London and what to do next. Good luck…and God Speed.


djones0823 djones0823

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